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Upcoming Articles

The CFAA blog has some interesting articles coming up, and so here we are to entice you with a bit of a preview.

First off, English martial arts will be featured through a paper on the English longsword tradition, by Terry Brown, with a link to his fantastic transcription of the verse contained within the  Harleian manuscript (MS 3542). Terry has also whetted our collective CFAA appetites by promising a new transcription of another English two-hand sword manuscript, the MS 39564.

We’ll also see an article by Greg Mele of the Chicago Swordplay Guild on the pertinence of Vadi’s manuscript when learning and teaching the tradition of Fiore dei Liberi.

Finally, Guy Windsor of the School of European Swordsmanship chimes in with an article on cross-training systems, or rather, training across systems and the confusion (or lack thereof) this may engender in practitioners’ mechanics, footwork and assimilation of technique.

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