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CFAA Welcomes the Freifechter

Freifechter logoThe Chivalric Fighting Arts Association is pleased to welcome its newest member, the Freifechter (http://www.freifechter.org)

Founded in the year 2000, ‘Die Freifechter’ are one of Germany’s oldest historical fencing clubs. Their training focuses on the single-handed, single-edged sword from various historical eras. Systems trained include Messer according to the so-called ‘Glasgow Fechtbuch’ and Johannes Lecküchner’s magnum opus from 1482, Joachim Meyer’s Dussack, Napoleonic era sabre/backsword according to Taylor/Roworth’s ‘Art of Defence’ and late 19th century sabre according to Alfred Hutton’s ‘Cold Steel’. Wrestling and dagger from various German Medieval and Renaissance sources round out the curriculum.

For more information, you can either contact us through the CFAA at secretary@chivalricfighting.org, where we will be happy to direct your request, or directly via their website : www.freifechter.org/kontakt/


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