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Welcome to CFAA’s Newest Member: Swords of Chivalry


CFAA is very pleased to add Scott Farrell of San Diego, CA and his group Swords Of Chivalry* to our ranks. For those of you who might not know Scott, he is best known as the owner of Chivalry Today and its popular podcasts:


Swords Of Chivalry teaches several medieval weapon styles taken from the German/Lichtenauer school of European martial arts, including longsword, messer, sword and buckler, quarterstaff, and pollaxe. Scott calls their approach  “practical school of historical study and interpretation,” meaning that training focuses on learning and understanding historical techniques, with the intent of putting them into practice through exercises and free-play activities. Thus pressure-testing via sparring is  core component of the methodology, but training and preparation for sport and tournament competition, using historical sources and techniques only as much as they are relevant in achieving success in HEMA/sport fencing activities, is not.

Swords Of Chivalry began in 2007 when Tedd Padgett, owner Team Touché Fencing Center (the largest sport-fencing school in San Diego) asked Scott to do a demonstration of armored combat and a talk about the ideals of chivalry as part of a promotional event at his sallé. A summer workshop followed and evolved into a stand-alone four-week WMA training program for some of his students who were interested in learning more historical sword combat, finally becoming a weekly WMA class to meet student interest and growing client requests. In 2011, when one of Team Touché’s most active coaches, Stuart Lee, moved on to open his own school, Lionheart Fencing Center, Mr. Lee asked me to come in with youth and adult WMA classes (with Mr. Padgett’s blessing) to add to Lionheart’s schedule of weekly classes. Swords Of Chivalry is currently operating as a historical fencing program hosted at both Team Touché and Lionheart fencing studios in San Diego. There are two assistant coaches, Kyle Lazzarevich and Quinn Sellars. Classes currently have about 25 regular (weekly) students overall, at both Team Touché and Lionheart. There are four weekly classes: one for adults, and one for youth/teens at both fencing centers.
Scott is also a reenactor, long-time SCA fighter and lover of all things 14th – 15th century. He was recently chosen as First Amongst Equals in the armoured deed of arms. You can see a few of his bouts here:

(*Swords Of Chivalry also goes by the name “San Diego Longsword.”)

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