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Founded in 2011, the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association (CFAA) is an international organization of schools and clubs devoted to the study of historical European martial arts, particularly those practiced in a chivalric context, used in war, the tournament, and the duel.

Our member schools share a dedication to the revival of the fighting arts from the past, as well as a belief that the study and practice of these arts is a tool for building character and personal discipline – qualities that we believe can be of benefit to the modern world as much as they were for the ancient one.

CFAA members study diverse martial arts – from lands ranging from Iberia to Britain, from the late Middle Ages to the early modern era, and including weapons ranging from the sword and buckler to the rapier. Ours is a fraternal organization, without a governing body, bound together only by our shared values, mutual support of our endeavors, and passion for ancient martial arts and their cultural milieu.


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