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Member Schools

Founding Members of CFAA are denoted with an asterisk(*)

The following are the members organizations of the Chivalric Fighting Arts Association, as of April, 2014. 

Academie Duello* – Vancouver, Canada
Alte Kampfkunst* – Wuppertal, Germany
Chicago Swordplay Guild* – Chicago, Denver, & Milwaukee, USA
Dimicator – Hamburg, Germany
Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild* – Virginia, USA
Hammaborg – Historischer Schwertkampf* – Hamburg, Germany
Hotspur School of Defence* – Northumberland, UK
Laurentiusgildet* – Århus, Denmark
Les Maître D’armes* – Ottawa, Canada
Northwest Fencing Academy* – Eugene, Oregon, USA
Order of the Seven Hearts* – Alexandria, Virginia, USA
Sacramento Sword School* – Sacramento, California, USA
School of European Swordsmanship* – Helsinki, Lappeenranta, Turku, Tampere, Joensuu, Kuopio, and Oulu, Finland; Linköping, Sweden; Singapore
Selohaar Fechtschule* – Connecticut, Alaska, Florida, Kansas, New York, Washington, USA
Southern Academy of Swordsmanship* – Mississippi, USA
Virginia Academy of Fencing (Historical Swordsmanship Division)* – Springfield, Virginia, USA
12656119_10154575707314129_1704096427_o Sword of Chivalry – San Diego, USA

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