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Although CFAA itself does not host or promote events, there are a number of regional, national and international gatherings which are put on by member organizations and generally promote CFAA’s approach towards the study of traditional and historical Western Martial Arts. The most notable of these are as follows:

International Events

The Western Martial Arts Workshop (WMAW), Racine, WI (USA)

The first of its kind, the Western Martial Arts Workshop is the premier North American event for hands-on study of Historical European and American Martial Arts. Drawing instructors from three continents, students congregate at a beautiful, Neo-Gothic retreat center on the shores of Lake Michigan for four days of training, sparring and an armoured Deed of Arms. Sponsored by the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

The Vancouver International Swordplay Symposium, Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Held every odd-numbered year, VISS is an international gathering of Western Martial Arts (WMA) instructors, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the world for a weekend of workshops, performances, and events for WMA students and the general public. VISS has a unique programming schedule, featuring four weekend-long workshops that run for half a day, and a series of short “elective” classes and lectures that round out the schedule, providing students a chance for both diversity and immersion in one event. Sponsored by Academie Duello School of Modern Swordplay.

Berlin Buckler Bouts, Berlin, Germany

Hosted by Twerchhau, Berlin, and Dimicator, Hamburg and drawing participants from about half a dozen European countries, this informal event is designed to promote relaxed freeplay for students of sword and buckler and offers a platform for hands-on discussion. 

National Events

Borealis Swordplay Symposium, Ottawa, Ontario/Gatineau, Quebec (Canada)

Borealis is a gathering of Historical European Martial Artists celebrating the art of arms and is hosted by Les Maîtres d’Armes. Taking place in Gatineau, Canada, it combines the best of both worlds: two days of classes with renowned instructors and a day of fighting in the lists styled after a historical pas d’armes. Sponsored by Les Maitres des Armes.

Regional Events

Cascadia North Accolade Tournament, British Columbia (Canada)

Hosted by Academie Duello School of Modern Swordplay

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